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(Baby) Joey was found in 2015 at 6 weeks old with both of his rear legs severed and left to die. A compassionate passerby took Joey to get medical treatment and NYC Second Chance Rescue stepped up and welcomed him into their rescue. He was then placed with Regina Mendoza of CAMP SCR.  She took him to see Dr. Infernuso (the Rescue's surgeon) who recommended Rehab Therapy.  Regina then brought Baby Joey to see Dr. Block at Water4Dogs.  There he started rehab therapy consisting of cold laser treatments, passive range of motion (PROM), massage, stretching, and BOSU exercises for balance and coordination.  In addition, he had hydro-therapy sessions, swimming in the pool as well as walking on the underwater treadmill.  Dr Block also measured, molded and fitted Joey for his prosthetic legs.  With the help of Merrick Pet care and generous donations, Joey was able to get his prosthetics from OrthoPets: Orthotics and Prosthetics for Animals.

 Follow Baby Joey's updates and new amazing family here


Dr. Jonathan Block