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This is Dudley. He is the reason why the Comfurt Collar was created. In 2014, Dudley had come home from the vet with the standard plastic e-collar. From the start of his recovery he was miserable and stressed. (as was I). After going out to various pet stores and purchasing every plastic cone alternative, I realized there was something missing in this market. All the inflatable recovery collars I had found were losing air. If one recovery collar was too big around the neck, the next size smaller was just too small. All the plastic cone alternatives I had purchased were leaving a gap between Dudley’s neck which in return was allowing him to reach his surgery site. Lastly we tried the soft e-collar and although this was a little bit better than the plastic cones, it still interfered with his vision as well as his ability to eat and drink. 

Something had to be done so that Dudley could have a safe, comfortable recovery. Using a pillowcase, sewing machine, doll stuffing and velcro we were able to make him a soft, pillow-like recovery collar. After many modifications we had a successful alternative! This is when the Comfurt Collar was born. 

The Comfurt Collar (which is patent pending) is sold and used across the U.S in veterinary practices, rescues and shelters allowing pets to come out of surgery and go home less stressed, much more comfortable and with added mobility. This has not only made the healing process much easier for these pets, but for everyone involved as well.

Unfortunately, in April of 2019, our beloved Dudley passed away, just 5 days short of his 17th birthday. We owe all of our success at Comfurt Collar to this sweet precious boy. We miss him terribly. Thank you for being such a good sport and for all the modeling you did for us even when it was annoying. We love you! 


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