Hi. My name is Sandi Garfinkel and this is my dog, Dudley.

He is the reason why Comfurt Collar was created.  Five years ago, he came home with the plastic cone and was totally miserable and stressed (as was I).  After going out to various pet stores and purchasing every plastic cone alternative, I realized there was something missing in this market.  The inflatable lost air.  If one size was too big around the neck, the smaller size was too small, leaving a gap between the neck closure which enabled hi to reach the site.  The soft e-collar was a little bit better, but still interfered with his vision as well as his ability to eat and drink,


Using a pillowcase, sewing machine, doll stuffing and velcro, we made him a soft, pillow-like collar.

And that is where the Comfurt Collar began.  Now, five years later, and Patent Pending we have begun providing them directly to Veterinarians so that their clients can come out of surgery and be sent home less stressed and so much more comfortable...making the healing process so much easier for ALL OF US!!