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Cleo The Abused Beagle In The Bronx:  

This is Cleo the beagle who was abused and saved by looking glass animal rescue.  We were able to get in touch with them and provide them with our Comfurt Collar.  Cleo's foster mom, Maddy Ray was kind enough to let me come and visit and meet Cleo! That was such an amazing day!

Haus saved a little girl from being bitten by a rattlesnake. Here's his story: 

Comfurt Collar is excellent. He is so much happier with it. My vet was very skeptical because soft cones and blow up collars don’t work.  We have seen massive improvement regarding going potty outside (with cone too freaked out) and his comfort.  He stopped bumping into walls and people.  More relaxed because he has full range of vision.

For all of you who have been following Haus the Hero Dog, here is an updated picture that was taken the other day. Haus was bitten 3 times by a rattlesnake while protecting his 7-year old family member who was outside playing in the yard. It was a pretty bad situation for Haus, but with the help of his family, the medical staff from BluePearl Veterinary Partners and all of the people who so generously donated to help cover Haus' expenses, he is doing much better... still has a way to go. A snake bite is a very difficult thing and very very costly to treat! And remember.... Haus the Hero Dog was also a Rescue dog! Another example of "who rescued who"!

Before buying a dog, look for a Rescue. We are honored to have helped some of the greatest Rescue groups

Minikins the cat was severely burned in California.  We reached out to the hospital where Minikins was being treated and sent them our Comfurt Collar so Minikins could rest comfortably.