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This is Dusty.  Dusty is our newest Comfurt Collar model.  This collar seems to match his beautiful colors perfectly like it was made for  him . 


This is Glory. Glory is our Comfurt Collar Model.  Doesn't she look pretty?  These are more comfortable alternative to traditional e-collars and are very stylish too!


Minnie is the perfect model for the Comfurt Collar.  Check out her adorable heart shaped nose!


Sadie is too cute with her little tongue sticking out.  She was getting extra snuggles after her spay!


Here is Dexi looking so fashionable (and comfy) in her Cheetah collar!

Here is our very sweet Harlee.  The techs all fell in love with him!


Willow is modeling her Comfurt Collar.  It accentuates her features nicely!

Sadie  is looking so fashionable in her doggles and her Comfurt Collar!