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Product Information

Product Information

How many sizes does the Comfurt Collar come in?

Comfurt Collar comes in 7 sizes: xxs, xs,small, medium, large, xl and xxl

How much is it?

The Collar ranges from $19.99 to $51.99 plus shipping & handling.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $9.99

What is the return policy?

Item is returnable for a refund, but ONLY WITHIN 3 days of delivery as long as it was not used. Customer is, however, responsible for the return shipping charges.


How do I know what size my pet is?

We have found that going by weight is best.  Of course, each pet's fitting may differ as there are so many body types and injury sites. 

SIZING CHART (approximate)

XXS    Under 5 pounds

XS        5-10 pounds

  S         10-20 pounds

 M         20-35pounds

   L         35-50 pounds

    XL        50-75 pounds

      XXL     Over 75 pounds


* Always best to go up a size if unsure since the neckline can be adjusted to be made tighter

How many colors does it come in?

At the moment, it is available in 4 different colors: Cheetah, Zebra, Camouflage and Solid Black.  All fabrics are soft micro plush fabric giving the animal even more comfort.

Is it machine washable?

Yes. The outer shell is machine washable and the inner shell is water resistant. The shell zips off for easy removal to clean if necessary. (ZIpper is hidden to protect pet from getting scratched).

Does the collar work for every surgery/ailment/injury?

Although this collar works for many sites, there are some sites which some pets MAY still be able to reach. You need to assess the situation. For example, if your pet has very long legs and the ailment is on their lower front paw, there is a possibility that the dog can reach that site. And, of course. all animals are different. Be sure that your pet is monitored to ensure that they are unable to reach the specific area.

How does it stay on and how secure is it?

The black nylon collar that comes with it OR the petʼs regular collar must be threaded through the Recovery Collar. Once  that is done, the Recovery Collar is placed around petʼs neck. Double closure  of the inner and outer velcro makes it more secure so as not to open. The ability to further tighten the neck of collar gives a more custom fit and makes it more secure. The Collar works best when fitted snugly right beneath the pets' face/chin.

How long does it take to receive shipment?

Once the order is paid for, it is shipped out the same day Monday through Friday (providing it is before 1 pm-- otherwise it will go out the next day). Depending on where it is being shipped to, it can take 1-5 days.  It is shipped either via USPS or UPS.

What are the benefits of this vs. other alternative recovery collars?

It is stuffed with poly-fil which acts as a soft pillow for pet to rest on. It is NOT INFLATABLE and therefore cannot lose air . Pets are able to eat, drink and move around freely. And, most importantly, they sleep comfortably in it.  The neck is adjustable (elastic and toggle switches) which provides for a custom fit for each pet. The SPECIAL BONUS leash attachment is helpful to walk your dog. It will not interfere with the Recovery Collar, giving the dog more freedom to be walked without the Collar being disturbed. PLEASE BE SURE to put the leash attachment around BOTH collars.